Map of Anand Dist - PDF Download

Map of Anand Dist - PDF Download

Anand District India is an important district located in the central part of the state of Gujarat in the western part of the country. The district is headquartered at Anand City. E. C This district was released from Kheda district in the 5th.


Anand District Taluka Maps:

Anand District:Download

Anand City:Download

Anand Anklav :Download

Anand Borsad :Download

Anand Khambhat :Download

Anand Petlad :Download

Anand Sojitra :Download

Anand Tarapur :Download

Anand Umreth :Download

Anand city is the headquarters of Anand district of Gujarat state and Anand taluka in the western part of India. Anand is also called "the headquarters of milk and its production". Amul is the host land of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), an dairy known for dairy and the "milk revolution". Anand Krishi University is also located here.

Anand is located at 5.5 ° N 1.5 ° E. [5] The average elevation of Anand from the sea level is 3 meters (3 feet). Is. Based on India's census in India, the population of Anand city is 5,3,3. Males constitute 5% of the population and females of 5%.

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