Map of Banaskantha Dist - PDF Download

Map of Banaskantha Dist - PDF Download

Banaskantha  District Taluka Maps:

Banaskantha District:Download
Banaskantha Amirgadh:Download
Banaskantha Bhabhar:Download
Banaskantha Danta:Download
Banaskantha Dantiwada:Download
Banaskantha Deesa:Download
Banaskantha Deodar:Download
Banaskantha Dhanera:Download
Banaskantha Kankrej:Download
Banaskantha Lakhani:Download
Banaskantha Palanpur:Download
Banaskantha Suigam:Download
Banaskantha Tharad:Download
Banaskantha Vadgam:Download
Banaskantha Vav :Download


Banaskantha is the most northern district of Gujarat. Palanpur is its headquarters. Banaskantha district is famous for Ambaji (pilgrimage), Deesa (famous for potatoes, business headquarters), Palanpur (headquarters, center of diamond industry). Banaskantha is the name of this district above the Banas River.

The total area of ​​the district is 5,3 square kilometers and it ranks second in terms of area in the state.

Banaskantha has inclement weather. The climate is dry overall. Due to the severe heat in summer and the desert in the north, it is very cold in winter. [5] Geographically, the northern part of Banaskantha is a mountainous region. While the main part is flat and sandy. The western part of the desert area of ​​Kutch is the saline region.

There are two sanctuaries in Banaskantha, Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary and Jessore Bear Sanctuary.

Banaskantha district is divided into 3 talukas.

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