Map of Bharuch Dist - PDF Download

Map of Bharuch Dist - PDF Download

Bharuch Bharat is a city with a population of over 1 lakh in Bharuch district in the western part of the country, which is also the headquarters of this district and is a sea port.

Bharuch District Taluka Maps:

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Throughout the period, it has been renowned for its many names, such as Bharakachu, Bhrigukha, Broch, and Bharuch, since it has been permanently traded between East and West countries as an important trading station between Tejana and Silk. The British could not pronounce many Indian words clearly and hence kept identifying the original names with names that could accentuate them, as in many other cities under this tradition, Bharuch was officially known as Broach.

There is certainly evidence that BC In the 9th century, Bharuch's fame reached the Arab and Ethiopian merchants who traded in a mixed way, including sea and land. These merchants transported their goods to the West, to Egypt, Greece, the Persian States, the Roman Empire, and Venice, and were well known in all these regions. It is no exaggeration to believe that the Phoenicians also knew about bharuch, and because of this Bharuch was an important port established in the luxury goods business extending from the Indian subcontinent and the Far East, to Native Asia, Central Asia, the Mediterranean region and North Africa, and even to Europe. General Chat Chat Lounge

Excavations on the banks of the Narmada river in Bharuch have uncovered many archaeological and architectural remains, especially temples. History shows that Bharuch was under the rule of Mauryan dynasty (3-5 BC), Western Kshatrapas (Shakas), Gupta dynasties and Gujjars. [3]

Historical evidence suggests that the Gurjars established a capital city in Bhinmal (or Shrimal). The state of Bharuch was the one that extended to this original state.

During the Mughal period it was part of the Sultanate of Gujarat and subsequently became part of the British Raj.

The Greeks and Romans called it Barygaza and probably also lived here with Greek merchants. Being located on the south end of the Cambodian-Westerly route, it is noted in the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, written in the first century, as an important reference in the trade with Roman merchants. One periplus also mentions that there were several Greek buildings and castles in the area, though all these buildings and areas have been linked to Alexander by mistake, but Alexander was never able to reach them. Indo-Greek coins are also noted in currency in this area.

With the advent of the Age of Discovery, the presence of deep draft sea going shipping began to matter in a long slow decline as it was a bit too far north to be convenient not shipping confined to keeping within sight of the shore.

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