Map of Surendranagar Dist - PDF Download.

Map of Surendranagar Dist - PDF Download.

Surendranagar district is located in the center of Gujarat. This district is considered as the gateway to Saurashtra. Surendranagar city is the headquarters of this district. Kutch, Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot districts are located in the neighborhood of this district. The district is an important district for agriculture and industry. The well-known ceramic industry has flourished here, besides many renowned artists and literary figures were born on the earth's land. The famous swimming pool of Gujarat is packed in this district. Surendranagar district and surrounding area is also known as Jalawad.

The present Surendranagar was the base of the British Political Agent before independence and was known as the Wadhwan camp. The camp, which was assigned to Agent 1 of Vadhwan's agent, was renamed Surendranagar after the name of Rajiv Surendra Singh. Surendranagar has been the headquarters of the district since the 5th. Since the British camp was formerly in this city, it is also called a city.

Surendranagar District Taluka Maps:

Surendranagar District:Download

Surendranagar Chotila :Download

Surendranagar Chuda :Download

Surendranagar Dasada :Download

Surendranagar Dhrangadhra :Download

Surendranagar Lakhtar:Download

Surendranagar Limbdi :Download

Surendranagar Muli:Download

Surendranagar Sayla:Download

Surendranagar Thangadh:Download

Surendranagar Wadhwan :Download


About Surendranagar District

Surendranagar district is located between North latitude 7.2 to 1.8 and East Longitude 1.5 to 5.5. Ahmedabad, West Morbi, Patan Mehsana to the north and Kutch and Botad and Rajkot districts to the south. Population of this district According to the census of 1, the number is 5,3,3. The total area of ​​the district is 5,3 sq km. Is.

Surendranagar district has 5 taluk panchayats and 1 gram panchayat. Besides, there are 8 municipalities in Dhangadhra, Wadhwan, Surendranagar, Limbdi, Patdi, Thana and Chotila. As well as Dasada, Dhangadhra, Chotila, Limbdi and Vadhvan, there are a total of six assembly constituencies and one Lok Sabha constituency.

Climate and Rain:
The general climate of the district is relatively temperate in heat and cold. There are three main seasons. Vadhvan, Muli, Chotila, Thangadh and Sila talukas are located in Agro Climatic Zone-7, Dhongadhara and Dasada talukas in Agro Climatic Zone-8 and the Bhaal and coastal areas fall under Agro Climatic Zone-6, known as semi-climatic weather. The entire district was a drought-prone area. The district's annual rainfall is 676 mm. Moreover, the rainfall is erratic and hence there are frequent shortages in the district. The general climate of the district is heavy.

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