Map of Vadodara Dist - PDF Download.

Map of Vadodara Dist - PDF Download.

About Vadodara DistrictVadodara District is one among 25 Districts of Gujarat State, India. Vadodara District Administrative head quarter is Vadodara. It is Located 135 KM North towards State capital Gandhinagar. The Vadodara District population is 4157568. It is 3 rd Largest District in the State by population.

Vadodara District Taluka Maps:

Vadodara District :Download

Vadodara City :Download

Vadodara Dabhoi :Download

Vadodara Desar :Download

Vadodara Karjan :Download

Vadodara Padra:Download

Vadodara Savli :Download

Vadodara Sinor:Download

Vadodara Vaghodia :Download

About Vadodara (Baroda)
Vadodara (pronounced) is a town situated in the middle part of the state of Gujarat in the western part of India and is situated on the banks of the river Vishwamitri. His old name is Watapadra. Vadodara's name is believed to derive from the Sanskrit 'Vatsya Uder'. Since the Vishwamitri river has many trees on the banks of the river (Sanskrit :ut tree), the city developed under the head 'Vatsya Uder' has gradually become degenerate. In English people often call it Baroda. This town was the capital of the Maratha state of Gaikwad dynasty. Of all the cities of Gujarat, Vadodara has the largest community of Marathis.

Vadodara is also an important industrial hub of the state of Gujarat which includes petrochemicals, chemicals, textiles and engineering industries. One of the major educational centers of Gujarat, Maharaja Sayajirao University is located in Vadodara. The Maharaja Sayajirao University is well known for its fine arts college, social work faculty and engineering college (also known as Kalabhavan).

The city of Vadodara is a combination of ancient Asmita and advanced progressions. The palaces, temples and monuments of Gaikwad's time are evidence of the state-of-the-art shopping complex and multiplex theaters. Vadodara is also known as 'Sanskar Nagar' in India.

Vadodara is a city on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai and Mumbai-Delhi railways. This city, situated on the banks of the river Vishwamitri, is the administrative headquarters of Vadodara district as well as the Vadodara taluka and is famous as a sacrament city of the state of Gujarat. To the north of Vadodara district are Panchamahal and Dahod, Bharuch and Narmada to the south, Anand and Kheda districts to the west. Madhya Pradesh is located in the east of Vadodara district. However, Vadodara district has recently been divided and the new Chhotaudepur district has existed to the east of Vadodara district.

Gujarat is the third largest city after Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Surat by population

Vehicle Transactions:
The airline is connected by Vadodara Airport to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.
Railway is the most important junction of Vadodara, Western Railway. Going from Mumbai, Surat to Ahmedabad, Jamnagar and going to Delhi, Mathura and Godhra, the city has geographical advantages.
The highway is the busiest national highway in India. The city is situated on the 2nd and the fastest route no.

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