Maps of Bhavnagar Dist - PDF Download

Maps of Bhavnagar Dist - PDF Download

The Diamond-cutting industry is one of the major sources of revenue earning of Bhavnagar. Apart from agricultural activities, the place also exports cotton and ship machinery. The ship-breaking yard of the district is famous all over the world.


Bhavnagar District Taluka Maps:

Bhavnagar District:Download

Bhavnagar City:Download

Bhavnagar Gariadhar:Download

Bhavnagar Ghogha:Download

Bhavnagar Jesar:Download

Bhavnagar Mahuva:Download

Bhavnagar Palitana:Download

Bhavnagar Sihor:Download

Bhavnagar Talaja:Download

Bhavnagar Umrala:Download

Bhavnagar Vallabhipur:Download

Bhavnagar district is located in the Saurashtra section of the state of Gujarat. Bhavnagar city is the headquarters of the district. The area of ​​the district of Bhavnagar is spread over 1.5 square kilometers between 1.5 to 5.5 north latitude and 1.5 to 0.5 east longitude.

Bhavnagar is the headquarters of Bhavnagar district in the western part of India and the city of Gujarat state. Bhavnagar was founded in 5 by Bhavsinhji Gohil. It was a princely state until it was incorporated into the republic of India. Bhavnagar is 5 km from Gandhinagar, the capital of the state of Gujarat. Is. Bhavnagar is to the west of the Gulf of Khambhat.

According to a census of 5, Bhavnagar district had a population of 5,3,6 persons, which is equal to the population of Jamaica country or the state of Kansas in the United States. The district has a population density of 288 inhabitants per square kilometer (750 / sq mi). [1] The population growth rate for the period 1 to 2. The rate of population was 5%. Bhavannagar district has 6 populated villages and 2 non-populated villages. Bhavnagar district is spread over 6.5% of the total area of ​​Gujarat. And the population density of the district is 6 men per square km

Bhavnagar city has Bhavnagar airport, while Bhavnagar is the old port, Bhavnagar new port, Ghogha and Sartanpur are the port in Bhavnagar district. In which freight work is currently closed at the old port of Bhavnagar.

Klaguru Ravi Shankar Rawal was led by Chitrakala in Gujarat at the beginning of the 5th century. He was born in Bhavnagar. Somalal Shah, who is also the king of colors, is Bhavnagar. At that time, he painted line-drawings of books in the colorful and illustrious Kanchanarai Desai's Pankhi Jagat in Dharmakumar Singh's biological book The Birds of Saurashtra. Khodidas Parmar, a renowned painter of folk art, also of Bhavnagar. His paintings feature folk print.

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