Maps of Jamnagar Dist - PDF Download

Maps of Jamnagar Dist - PDF Download

Jamnagar is a city in the state of Gujarat located in the Gulf of Kutch. One of the largest cities of the state, it is also the administrative headquarters of the Jamnagar district. It was once the capital of the former state of Nawanagar, which was founded in 1540 A.D. by Jam Raval. It is also known as the 'Oil City' due to the presence of two important oil refineries of India. 

Jamnagar district is located in Gujarat state of India. Jamnagar is the main city, administrative headquarters and major municipality of this district. This district was known as Navanagar in the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singhji. Jamnagar district is located slightly south of the Gulf of Kutch.


Jamnagar District Taluka Maps:

Jamnagar District :Download

Jamnagar City :Download

Jamnagar Dhrol :Download

Jamnagar Jamjodhpur :Download

Jamnagar Jodiya :Download

Jamnagar Kalavad :Download

Jamnagar Lalpur :Download

The population of the city of Jamnagar 1 in 7 was 8, which increased to 8 In the census of 2, there were 1,3,3. Jamnagar has a population of 5,3,4 as per census of 7; Of which there are 1,3,3 men and 5,3,3 females. Literacy is 3.7% of the total population (male: 5.7% and female: 1.8%)

The twins and Jamnagar talukas of the district are located in low lying areas of the coast and during the high tide, the water flows again. The plains area of ​​Lalpur taluka has an average height of 5.5 meters. The twins and Jamnagar talukas hold the lands of the camps, while the middle black lands are located in the Dhol and Kalawad talukas.

Reliance Industries - The importance of Jamnagar has increased after India's largest private sector company established the world's largest refinery in a large Khawadi village near Jamnagar district. Besides, Essar Oil, another important oil refinery, is also located in this district. Besides, the name of Jamnagar is world famous for making brass objects. The brass industry here. Starts with 1 Jamnagar district also has numerous brass factories in which manufactured goods are sold to other states of India as well as abroad.

According to the census of 7, the population of the district of Jamnagar was 5,3,3, which was equal to the population of Namibia or the state of New Mexico in the United States. In terms of population, it ranks 5th out of 5 districts in India. [6] The district has a density of 153 inhabitants per square kilometer (400 / sq mi). The population growth rate for the period 1 to 2. The percentage of the population increased to 8.2 percent. Literacy rate in the country increased from 5.7% to 6%.

The population of the district has been increasing steadily since 1901.

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