Maps of Kutch Dist - PDF Download

Maps of Kutch Dist - PDF Download

Kachch or Kutch means 'surrounded by water' is the largest district in the state of Gujarat. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the west and the south and is literally surrounded by water. Kuchch is also known as the 'mystery land' and is located in remote location far away from the hustle bustle of the city.


Kachchh District Taluka Maps:

Kachchh District :Download

Kachchh Abdasa :Download

Kachchh Anjar :Download

Kachchh Bhachau :Download

Kachchh Bhuj:Download

Kachchh Gandhidham:Download

Kachchh Lakhpat:Download

Kachchh Mandvi:Download

Kachchh Mundra:Download

Kachchh Nakhatrana:Download

Kachchh Rapar:Download

Kachchh Runn of kachchh :Download

About Kutch district
Kutch District India is the largest district in the western part of the country in the state of Gujarat. Kutch district, which is spread over an area of ​​1,550 sq km, is the largest district in the country of India. The ancient metropolis, Dholavira, which dates back to the ancient Indus civilization, is located in the Khadir region of Bhachau taluka in Kutch district. In other areas, ancient fossils have also been found, whose research work is ongoing.

The neighboring country of Pakistan lies to the north of Kachchh, the Arabian Sea to the west and the Gulf of Kutch to the south, which separates Kutch from Kathiawar. In the north and east of Kutch there is a small and large desert of Kutch respectively. Banaskantha district comes after this desert area east of Kutch. Kutch is the state boundary with Banaskantha, Patan, Surendranagar and Morbi district M1 and Rajasthan to the north. The total geographical area of ​​the district is 5, 5 sq. Km. Is. Out of which, 1,2,3 sq km. The desert of Kutch is situated in the area of. Kutch district has an area of ​​about 3% of the total geographical area of ​​Gujarat. There are 4 talukas, 3 cities and 3 villages in the district.

Administrative Talukas
The following is a list of talukas in Kutch:
Abadasa, Nakhtrani, Bhachau, Anjar, Gandhidham, Mandvi, Mundra, Rapper, Lakhpat, Bhuj

Kutch is the main language of Kutch, except most remote villages, Gujarati is also spoken and understood by most people. In addition, many people here also know Sindhi, Hindi and English.

Sanctuaries and reservoirs of Kutch
Kutch district headquarters can be accessed from Bhuj to many rich environments and sanctuaries. Such as Ghodkhar Sanctuary, Kutch Desert Sanctuary, Kutch Ghorad Sanctuary, Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary, Bani Grassland Reserve Area and Shariand Kulhan Conservation Reserve.

Kutch district has a variety of natural resources. These include mineral properties like lignite, bauxite, lime, bentonite, gypsum, coastal property, pastoral property, agricultural property, etc. Mineral resources are available in abundance in the district. Which is a major aspect of the district in industrial terms. In the new industrial policy, new projects and other facilities and benefits of medium and large size units, other new established and first established industries and electronics industries have been announced by the government.

The salt industry is the largest in Kutch. 5% of the state's salt is baked in Kutch and exported. Shipping industry has developed in cities like Gandhidham, Kandla etc. In Gandhidham, there is a Freitrade zone for industries, also known as the Kandla Freitrade Zone and according to the new policy it is now pursued as the Kandla Special Economy Zone. The transport industry has also evolved due to ports. Besides, the mines of Panchdro, mother's mother, lignite etc. at Kutch are also nourished by the transport industry. The livestock industry is prominent in the Bani area. Bunny breed buffalo has been recognized by the government. Besides, agriculture, tourism etc. industries have also developed in Kutch.

The state of Gujarat is 5 km. The riverside is obtained. Out of which 5 km. Kutch district, which is the longest river coast of Gujarat, is naturally acquired.

There are small ports in the district. Which are Mandvi, Mundra, Jakhau, Tuna and Kandla respectively. It is the only largest international port in the state of Gujarat. The region has well-connected perennial roads, including meter gauge, broad gauge railway lines and national highway No. 1-A. There are ships in Mandvi. So that new wooden ships are purchased and repaired and construction of new jetty has begun. In the coming days, an ambitious plan to build a Sheep Breaking Yard, Sheep Maintenance Yard in Kutch is going ahead.

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