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Rajkot, located in Gujarat is a center of commercial and industrial importance. It was founded by Vibhoji and used to be the capital of Saurastra. The Aji river flows through this district .

Rajkot District Taluka Maps:

Rajkot City :Download

Rajkot Dhoraji :Download

Rajkot Dhoraji :Download

Rajkot Jamkandorna :Download

Rajkot Jasdan:Download

Rajkot Jetpur :Download

Rajkot Kotada sangani:Download

Rajkot Lodhika:Download

Rajkot Paddhari:Download

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Rajkot Vinchchiya :Download

Rajkot city has gained fame as a modern, developed and prosperous city by preserving its cultural and historical heritage today. The history of this city began in the year AD. Thakur Sahib Shri Vibhaji was from Ajji Jadeja in the 5th. Thakor Saheb Vibhaji founded and named Rajkot to keep his friend Raju Sandhi's friendship alive.

According to figures released in 1, the total population of the city of Rajkot is approximately 5,3,3. The percentage of males is 8.3% and females are 0.5%. The Rajkot urban area includes Manharpur, Madhapar, Anandpur, Munjka, Bada Mawa, Vawadi, Bedi and Kothariya. Rajkot city has an average literacy rate of 5.4%, which is higher than the national average.

Under the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) and Gujarat State Financial Corporation (GSFC), the city itself contributes significantly to the development of the state's economy with the help of small and heavy industries. Currently the World Bank receives Rs. The industry has been supported with the assistance of Rs. 2 crore for infrastructure development. The country's major and multinational companies have secured land for future investment purposes before land prices rise in the city. At present, many arrangements have been made in the city, which are believed to change the image of the city.

Historical and Other Places:
Kaba Gandhi's Delo: This place of Rajkot city, known as Kaba Gandhi's Della, is the childhood home of Mahatma Gandhi, the world-renowned recipient of the President of India. The house is located on the old area of ​​Rajkot city, next to Dharmendra Road. This house was built by Mahatma Gandhi's father, Shri Karamchand Gandhi, who was the Nawab of Saurashtra at the time. Created in 1-2. Mahatma Gandhi completed his early studies in Porbandar and was staying with his father in Rajkot and started his further studies here.
Since Mahatma Gandhi spent his childhood in Rajkot from childhood to youth, the Gujarat government has developed this place in the name of Gandhi Smriti to keep people informed. Tourists visiting Rajkot at this place are a must visit. A display of the objects used by Mahatma Gandhi at that time and photographs of his childhood have been arranged.

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