Watch I M A Gujju - Patriotic Gujarati Movie

I M A Gujju Patriotic Gujarati Movie 

I.M.A. Gujju is a 2018 Gujarati patriotic drama film, starring Bollywood actor Rohit Roy , Manoj Joshi, Sunny Pancholi, Shriya Tiwari, Parth Thakar and Rushikesh Ingley.

Gujarat, a state where minuscule of the total population are into armed forces, a wealthy Gujarati businessman's only son (Jay Shah) wants to join the Army. But his father (Ramesh Shah) has a strong disagreement to it and wants him to flourish his inherited business empire. Suddenly jay finds himself in a situation where he has only 90 minutes to save lives of 4 V.V.I.Ps of the state from a terrorist attack. Little did he know that his mother is one of the 4 hostages? Now to do this Jay has to take help of an ex-army colonel (Siddhraj Zala), the person because of whom he was rusticated from the college and lost his love interest. Zala once served Indian army as the best strategist in Kargil war but was court marshaled later. After 2013 serial bomb blasts (a reference to 2008 blasts) in Ahmedabad, everything changes. Jay and Zala come together and what follows is the series of incidents which led the boy not only to be the Sword of Honour recipient at I.M.A (Indian Military Academy) but also being victorious real hero defeating the deadliest terrorist attack on Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad, while Zala being reinstated at his post and honored with Paramvir chakra.

Rohit Roy as Siddhraj Zala
Manoj Joshi as Ramesh Shah
Sunny Pancholi as Jay Shah
Parth Thakar as Darbar
Shriya Tiwari as Bhoomi
Rushikesh Ingley as Aditya

Director: Sunny Pancholi
Producer: Viral Jain
Screenplay: Sunny Pancholi
Music director: Harshwardhan Dixit

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