YouTube 'Shorts' - Google's answer to TikTok

Google is bringing Father of TickTalk - YouTube shorts

According to the information obtained, the company is currently working on the facility and will be released by the end of 2020. According to reports, it will be known as 'shorts'. Through this feature, YouTube will aim to compete with TickTalk. There is hardly any need to tell you about the popularity of Ticketalk in India. The Corona virus has caused a bump in downloading TickTalk after a lockdown in the country. 

In the meantime, there are reports that YouTube is about to launch a short video mobile app in the competition for Ticketalk. According to a report YouTube is working on a short video app called Shorts and this app will compete directly with TickTalk. Shorts can be better than application tickstocks. Plus users will find more video and music in the shorts app than TickTalk because YouTube already has billions of music licenses. 

YouTube is set to launch a feature that will allow users to create short videos like Ticket OK. However, there is no news about the launch of this app.

Let us tell you that TickTalk was launched in China in Year 3 and two years after that it was launched in many countries around the world. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its short video format. TickTalk App is a kind of lip syncing application, you can create videos from three seconds to 5 seconds on TickTalk. The TickTalk app is very popular among young people aged 10-30, though it raises questions about privacy and security at TickTalk. The army of many countries has banned the use of soldiers' ticks.

A few months after the global launch, TickTalk came under the category of most downloaded apps and popular apps on the Google Play-Store and Apple App Store.

Now YouTube also wants to offer creators something similar. The information said in a report that YouTube is working on a feature called 'shorts', which will be launched under the existing mobile app. The shorts will include a feed of short videos posted by users within the Google-owned app and will be available for users to take advantage of a list of licensed music video services, along with songs for videos created by the public.

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