Kevi Rite Jaish - Watch Gujarati Superhit Movie online

KEvi Rite Jais is the name of a Gujarati movie released in 2012. The film was directed by Abhishek Jain and produced by Nayan Jain. The film was based on the Patel family's move to America and its surroundings. The main cast is Divyang Thakkar, Veronica Gautam, Tejal Panchashra, Kenneth Desai and Anang Desai. The film was shot at Kankaria and many other places in Ahmedabad. 

 Lets watch the movie online "Kevi Rite Jais"

Kevi Rite Jais movie was released in 2012 and the scenario of Gujarati films has completely changed. With this film of Abhishek Jain, the streak of urban Gujarati films started. For which Abhishek Jain is credited. The film stars Divyang Thakkar in the lead role along with Veronica Gautam from Surat.

Kevi Rite Jais (How can i go) this question is in the minds of every Gujarati public who wants to go to America today and the people around him are asking him the same question.

You can estimate from this film how obsessed foreign crazy Gujaratis are with going to US. This is a house-to-house story in a Gujarati film in which a father's dream of going abroad does not come true so he wants his children to fulfill this dream.

There will be many dude youngsters who have never seen Pol and Rani in Ahmedabad, who have never really seen Ahmedabad.

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