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Sholay is a film about Jai and Veeru, two crooks (Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra). The narrative of Ramgarh, a hamlet in Uttar Pradesh, has been put in front of the viewers throughout the film. Baldev Singh is a retired local police officer. The inhabitants of Rapgarh are furious with the famed dacoit Gabbar Singh, so Baldev Singh contacts the two criminals Jai and Veeru and urges them to capture Gabbar, dead or alive, and he would be paid for their efforts. does as well.

Both of them move to the hamlet and live together, where they learn about Baldev's and the residents' troubles. Because Gabbar has instilled fear in the hamlet, they begin to consider these issues as their own. They both take it extremely seriously and are working hard to apprehend Gabbar. Veeru falls in love with Basanti (Hema Malini) at the same time, and the narrative of their love is fascinating.

This movie was not only a box office success at the time, but it is still a favourite among moviegoers today. One of the finest films of the decade. Dharam and Amit had a lot of influence, but Sanjeev wowed everyone with his incredible acting abilities. This Sholay film was a hit with my entire family.

Dharmendra, Amitabh, Hema, and Jaya lead a master class with the master cast. Sanjeev Kumar and Amjad Khan, of course, are two excellent performers. Asrani, Jagdeep, Keshato Mukherjee, and AK Hangal are all equally skilled. Paisa vasool is a film directed by Paisa Vasool.

 शोले फिल्म दो अपराधियों, जय और वीरू (अमिताभ बच्चन और धर्मेंद्र) पर फिल्‍माई गई है। फिल्‍म में यूपी के एक गांव रामगढ़ की कहानी को दर्शकों के सामने रखा गया है। गांव में रिटायर्ड पुलिस ऑफीसर बलदेव सिंह होता है। रापगढ़ के लोग कुख्‍यात डाकू गब्‍बर सिंह से बहुत परेशान होते हैं जिससे बलदेव सिंह उसके आतंक से बचने के लिये उन दोनों अपराधियों जय और वीरू को बुलाता है और गब्‍बर को जिंदा या मुर्दा पकड़ने के लिये कहता है और ऐसा करने पर उन्‍हें ईनाम देने की बात भी करता है।

 दोनो इसी सिलसिले में गांव आकर रहने लगते हैं जहां वे बलदेव और गांव वालों की परेशानियों से अवगत होते हैं। उन्‍हें ये समस्‍याएं अपनी लगने लगती हैं क्‍योंकि गांव में गब्‍बर ने बहुत ही आतंक फैला रखा था। वे दोनों ही इसे बहुत गम्‍भीरता से लेकर गब्‍बर को पकड़ने के लिये काम करते हैं। साथ ही इसी दौरान वीरू को बसंती (हेमा मालिनी) से प्‍यार हो जाता है और इस प्‍यार की कहानी बहुत ही रोचक होती है।

यह फिल्‍म उस समय की बहुत ही ब्‍लॉकबस्‍टर तो थी ही, यह फिल्‍म फिल्‍म आज भी लोग बहुत ही शौक से देखते हैं और यह लोगों के बीच काफी लोकप्रिय फिल्‍म है। 

1970 के दशक की सर्वश्रेष्ठ फिल्मों में से एक। धरम और अमित निस्संदेह प्रभावशाली थे, लेकिन संजीव ने अपनी असाधारण अभिनय प्रतिभा से सभी को प्रभावित किया। इस शोले फिल्म को मेरे पूरे परिवार के सदस्यों ने देखना पसंद किया।

धर्मेंद्र, अमिताभ, हेमा और जया में मास्टर कलाकारों के साथ एक मास्टर क्लास। बेशक संजीव कुमार और अमजद खान के रूप में दो महान कलाकार। सुपर टैलेंटेड असरानी, ​​जगदीप, केशतो मुखर्जी और एके हंगल द्वारा समान रूप से समर्थित। पैसा वसूल फिल्म।

In 2002, Ted Shane of the Chicago Review panned the film for its well-written narrative and "slapdash" cinematography, claiming that it "swirls between comedy and melodrama." Sholay "revolutionised Hindi filmmaking and gave genuine professionalism to Indian screenplay writing," according to Sippy's obituary in the New York Times newspaper.

Sholay was first met with harsh criticism from reviewers. KL Amaladi of India Today dubbed the film a "buzzed-out Sholay" and "a really misguided attempt" among contemporary reviewers. According to Filmfare, the film was a "fake Western film - neither here nor there," since it attempted to merge the Western genre with Indian society. Mera Gaon Mera Desh, a 1971 film, was labelled a "low-grade recreation." The picture was initially dubbed a failure by trade periodicals and columnists. Author Michael Gallagher complimented the film's technical achievements in a 1976 essay in the magazine Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review, but attacked all other aspects, writing: "The visuals are absolutely fantastic, but on every other level it is insufferable;

Sholay's reception has changed dramatically over time; it is now regarded as a "cult" or "classic" picture, as well as one of the finest Hindi-language films ever created. The film's well-written characters and uncomplicated narrative were lauded in a 2005 BBC review, while Asrani and Jagdeep's funny roles were deemed unneeded. The Hindustan Times commented on the film's 35th anniversary that it was "a forerunner in terms of camera work as well as music" and that "practically every scene, line, or even every minor character in it was a trailblazer." "It was in the spotlight." Sholay was dubbed a "undeniable masterpiece" by the Film Society of Lincoln Center in 2006, who praised it for its seamless combination of adventure and comic segments, music, and dancing.

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