Vikram Vedha - Hindi Action Movie

After a long wait, two top-tier stars, Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, sink their teeth into a proper story that is presented to them.

Vikram Vedha's Story: Vikram, an honest Lucknow police officer, is on a mission to find and eliminate gangster Vedha. However, when Vedha surrenders to the police and begins telling stories to Vikram, his perception of good and evil changes.

Vikram Veda is directly dependent on how much you've already enjoyed Vikram Veda let me explain if like me you're a lover of the 2017 Tamil Vikram Veda then the Hindi version becomes a largely laborious retread but if you're a Vikram with a virgin you
might find pleasure in the puzzle-like plot and in rithik Roshan who is in blazing flamboyant ferocious form the director Duo pushkaran Gayatri are among the most exciting artistic voices in Contemporary Indian Cinema early this year they created Amazon Prime videos

First Tamil original series Surah The Vortex which was terrific their first principle is moral ambiguity nothing in their narratives Is What It Seems in Vikram Veda they marry this love for dark turns and twists to mythology reimagining the Vikram betal tale as the story of a cop and a criminal Vikram is ostensibly the good guy he's this encounter specialist with a body count higher than many killers but he sleeps well at night because he believes that he's cleaning up the system the film begins with a continuous single shot which establishes vikram's easy Authority and camaraderie with his team the action sequence which follows also establishes the casualness with which he kills.

Vikram looks at the world with this simple blunt edged view which neatly separates people and actions into innocent or guilty black or white as he tells a junior meanwhile Veda is the stuff of myth he's a legendary gangster who rules to fame and power because he leapt from a building and sliced a rival in hearts by the time Veda arrives on screen with the camera following his imposing back we're already afraid like pita Veda then proceeds to tell vikram's stories each one presents a dharam and each one further shatters vikram's moral certitude all that he holds dear his job his friendships within the forces marriage is trained to Breaking Point

earlier this year when I interviewed pushka Gayatri I asked him why they chose to remake their own work they said that during the film in Hindi gave them a chance to pitch the characters in a completely different way the setting is now Lucknow instead of Chennai the Hindi dialogue written by B.A Fida and Manoj montashir ranges from strangely formal with characters referring to themselves as hum and using words like delis to this very specific up accent with which Veda speaks he also throws in zingers like update d-o-p-p-s the Note showcases the city with some striking images these characters never feel really rooted in the soil in the way they did in the original film they come off as bollywood's ideas or what Lucknow locals might be like the trouble is that the original script which pushkar and Gayatri wrote was so good that there is little room for improvement.


So, the Hindi version is mostly a scene to scene the screenplay has the same tones but the characters aren't as meaty in the Tamil version even minor players were humanized with humor and flavor here they mostly just come off as generic gangsters and cops SEF confidently steps into madhavan's large shoes he starts off as slick but the  slickness doesn't dissipate enough even as the film progresses there's little sense that Vikram is haunted by what is being revealed  Madhavan nailed the conflicting emotions of a man in the throes of an existential crisis there was more emotion less posturing here this
delicate equation gets tilted for a more brilliant safe rendition of a haunted cop go to Sacred Game season 1. radhika after playing vikram's wife Priya has little to do and the two aren't able to convincingly establish a sense of deep bonding in marital comfort in the few scenes that they have.

Rohit saraf as veda's younger brother and yogita bhyani as the girlfriend don't have much depth either in comparison who played the same character called Chandra in the Tamil version had so much personality so red color who played bully the younger brother who inadvertently puts the plot into motion Holi and chandra's relationship was absolutely electric the electric presence in this film is Veda delivered a master class in how to combine tragic Majesty with swag he made Vedas murders rage and destruction seem effortless and inevitable like the demon he had this Aura of timelessness as though he had been there and would be there murdering and suffering and securing morality for all eternity rithik gives a more unhinged intensity with unkempt hair and a manic air he's more strained but he's also very exciting it's always nice to see a superstar let go of vanity and appear determinedly nasty

He says with such delicious Mischief that it's hard to resist fall into the Trap of propping up the stardom of their Leading Men while the Tamil version also had ample slow motion shots and a deliberately constructed cool caution here it's much more in your face especially in the climax in which guns and bulle.

To summarize, Pushkar-Gayathri, the film's writer-directors, have mostly followed the blueprint they created for the original, including the way they weave in elements of folklore. It's a plus that they haven't made too many changes to the roadmap. However, they have not attempted to revisit the elements that they had on hand in order to make the redux better than the original. Nonetheless, this one is worth seeing in theaters.

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