Map of Amreli Dist - PDF Download

Map of Amreli Dist - PDF Download

Amreli district is a district in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Amreli district is named after the town Amreli, which is the district headquarters. For the cultivation of horns, cotton and wheat, not only in the state of Gujarat but the whole of India is famous in the country and Pipavav port is located in this district. Rajula has the largest cement plant in India.


Amreli District Taluka Maps: 

Amreli District:Download

Amreli City :Download

Amreli Babra:Download

Amreli Bagasara :Download

Amreli Dhari :Download

Amreli Jafrabad :Download

Amreli Khambha :Download

Amreli Kunkavav vadia :Download

Amreli Lathi :Download

Amreli Lilia :Download

Amreli Rajula :Download

Amreli Savarkundla:Download

History of Amreli:
During the monarchy, Amreli district was part of Vadodara state. An inscription in the Nagnath temple reveals that the ancient name of Amreli was Amarvalli. At the time of Damajirao Gaikwad's arrival in Kathiawad in about the 5th, Amreli was occupied by three parties, Kathis of the Jalia tribe, some Sayyids holding land certificates obtained from the Emperor of Delhi, and Junagadh, the subedar of Ahmedabad. Damajirave did not ransom at all. Thus Maratha Sardar Damajirao Gaikwad established military bases at Aareli and Lathi in AD-8R-8. Until April 1, Vidhalrao Devaji of Girwad was in control of Kathiawad, who lived in Amreli, the capital of the country acquired by Gaikwad. Later in the order, there was the then-acquired, formerly known as Chabharia, and six villages, which Lakhaji of Lathi gave in dowry on the occasion of his marriage with his daughter's son-in-law Damajirao Gaikwad. Vitthalrao Devaji increased this by reclaiming some of the villages taken by Babra's sadha and Bidros. With this acquisition, Damnagar Mahal became a village of 9 villages. Later this palace was merged into the Lathi taluka.

The district was transferred to the district under the reorganization plan. During the last Saiqah, the fort of Dhuri was occupied by the saddle of Thabani in Sarsia. Which he handed over to a renowned outsider named Raningwala for free. When Ranisingwala was out for a poll, Gaikwad merged the estimated talukas into his territory. It is not precisely when Gaikwad first entered Kodinar, but its base was in Dwarka, for which half the revenue of the Nawab Kodinar of Junagadh had been paid half the revenue of the Nawab Kodinar of Junagadh.

Sights - Amreli
Tower of Amreli, Rajmahal, Amreli
Girdharbhai Museum, Amreli
Railway Station, Amreli
Government District Library, Amreli
Nagnath Temple, Amreli
Jumma Masjid
Mukteshwar Temple of Life
Kamnath Mahadev Temple
Kailash Mukhidham
Gatekeeper's mansion
Bhojalaram Dham, Fatepur
Swaminarayan Temple Small mosquito net
Poet Ishwaradan Samriti Temple Aishwarya
Qatari Gurudatta Temple
The place of Mahatma Muladas Bapu
Kamnath dam
Swaminarayan Gurukul, Taravada
Siddhi Vinayak Temple
Balabhavan District Folk Science Center, Amreli
Balabhavan Computer Center, Amreli

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