Map of Valsad Dist - PDF Download

Map of Valsad Dist - PDF Download

Valsad District is one among 25 Districts of Gujarat State, India. Valsad District Administrative head quarter is Valsad. It is located 342 KM North towards State capital Gandhinagar. Valsad District population is 1703068. It is 17 th Largest District in the State by population.

Valsad District Taluka Maps:

Valsad District:Download

Valsad City:Download

Valsad Dharampur :Download

Valsad Kaprada :Download

Valsad Pardi :Download

Valsad Umbergaon :Download

Valsad Vapi :Download


Valsad district is a border district adjacent to the southern part of the state of Gujarat in the western part of India, Maharashtra state and Union Territory of Daman, Dadra and Nagarhveli. To the north of Valsad district, Navsari district is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west and Daman (small, large), Dadra and Nagarhveli Selvas on the east and Maharashtra state to the south.

There are six talukas in Valsad district. Valsad, Pardi, Vapi, Amargam, Cappera and
Dharmapur The total population of these six talukas is 6,3,8 as per the census of the year. Valsad district has a total of 5 villages.

The Valsad, Pardi and Umargam talukas of the district here seem to have a sea boundary with the Arabian Sea. However, Dharampur and Kapra area are the most tribal and hilly regions, which borders Maharashtra.

The coastal boundary of Valsad district is 5 km. Just above the sea border (1) Valsad Town Post. (R) Valsad Rural Post. (2) Onion Pst. (2) Pardi Pst. (W) Vapi Town Post. (Daman Sea) (Kolkak) and, (1) Umargam Pst. Lies.

National highway no. 90 km Is the Due to this, there is industrial development in the east and west direction of the entire area. These industrial units are mainly chemical and plastic and antibacterial drugs. The climate of the district is mainly favorable for paddy, sugarcane, as well as for fruit trees, most of the district is settled on the basis of agriculture and the fishery occupation of the coastal plain. Due to the industrial units, millions of people have since come to work for the purpose.

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