Maps of Gir Somnath Dist - PDF Download

Maps of Gir Somnath Dist  - PDF Download

Gujarat is the Western most state of India. It is bounded by the Arabian Sea in the west, shares its borders with Madhya Pradesh in the east, by Rajasthan in the north and northeast and by Maharashtra in the south and south east. Gujarat has a common frontier with Pakistan at the north western fringe and is an international border. Gujarat was formed in the year 1960; carved out of the 17 northern districts of Bombay state when that was split on a linguistic basis (Marathi-speaking) Gujarat is an industrially advanced state, and although it is not a popular tourist destination among foreigners, it still holds an important place in India. The people of Gujarat are also known to be a successful business community.


Gir Somnath District Taluka Maps:

Gir Somnath District :Download

Gir Somnath Gadhda:Download

Gir Somnath Kodinar:Download

Gir Somnath Patan-veraval :Download

Gir Somnath Sutrapada:Download

Gir Somnath Talala:Download

Gir Somnath Una:Download

Gir Somnath district is located in Saurashtra region of Gujarat state and Veraval is its headquarters. In the year 1, some villages were separated from Junagadh district and formed. The district is famous for the Gir National Park and Sanctuary and the Somnath Temple, the only lion of the Asian lion.

On 7th August, seven new districts came into existence in Gujarat, at which time the district was released from Junagadh district.

The district consists of 3 talukas:
Una, Kodinar, Gir-Gadha, Talala, Veraval (Patan Veraval), Sutrapada

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