Maps of Junagadh Dist - PDF download

Maps of Junagadh Dist - PDF download

Junagadh About this soundpronunciation is the headquarters of Junagadh district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Located at the foot of the Girnar hills, 355 km southwest of the state capitals Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, it is the 7th largest city in the state.

Junagadh District Taluka Maps:

Junagadh District:Download

Junagadh City :Download

Junagadh Bhesana :Download

Junagadh Junagadh :Download

Junagadh Keshod:Download

Junagadh Malia:Download

Junagadh Manavadar:Download

Junagadh Mangrol:Download

Junagadh Mendarda:Download

Junagadh Vanthali:Download

Junagadh Visavadar :Download

About Junagadh
Junagadh or Junagadh (pronounced English: Junagadh) Junagadh district located in the foothills of Girnar and Junagadh (city and rural) is the headquarters of Talukas as well as the seventh largest city in Gujarat. The ancient poet Dayaram mentions this city in his poem Rasikavallabh as "Jinnargarh". Junagadh Kingdom was included in the Union of India on 7th November.

Mahashivaratri, Girnar Parikrama, Ashdari Seed Parabhan Mela, Khorasa, Venkateswara Temple Fair, Ursan Mela of Upper Datar, Keshod Akshaygarh.

According to the census of 3, the population of Junagadh Municipality was 5,3,3. 3% of the population and 3% of the population were under the age of 6 years. Literacy rate in Junagadh is 5%; In which the male literacy rate was 8.5% and female literacy rate was 5.4%.

Compared to cities like Rajkot, land is cheaper in Junagadh. Land acquired within the limits of Junagadh Municipality is limited due to the rapid development of the city. Junagadh has a total area of ​​8.4 sq km. The area falls in slums and occupies about 5% of the population.

Junagadh is home to the original African-born Sidi. The total number of them in Gujarat is 5,3. 3% of them live in Junagadh city

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