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Best friends Chako and Tino steal a valuable painting from Chako's father's shop to make quick money. To redeem themselves, they embark on a path to set things straight by getting it back to him. Lets watch  and download this Gujarati movie.

One minute, there is no need to be confused by looking at heavy words like art and painting. This is a young, energetic and super entertaining film. Not fake but real Gujarati film, it always feels like our own. The two main characters - Chacko (Divyang Thakkar) and Tino (Pratik Gandhi) - are characterized in such a way that it seems to us that we have known each other for years. Wandering on a bike without a helmet, drinking tea on a kettle, pulling each other's legs, smiling like crazy, talking softly, dreaming of making a lot of money, planning upside down, restless, hasty, making mistakes, admitting mistakes and getting worse Applying. Chaka's mummy-daddy is just like our mummy-daddy - Chikkar loves more, if we do serious locho, knocks, repents, then accepts with open heart and then loves twice. Friendship is the central theme in the film. 

The talk of friendship runs parallel here on two levels - one is the friendship of Chaka and Tina and the other is the friendship of Chaka's father (Darshan Jariwala, wonderful) as well as his painter brotherhood. The Government of Gujarat is constantly striving to promote Gujarati films. In Gandhinagar Golden Complex, Gujarati Film State Award Ceremony was held. In which awards were given for the year 2013-14 and 2015-16. Two friends, Premji and Hatutu, received the award for Best Film at the ceremony. The two guys received 14 awards in different categories. At the same time, Kirtidan Gatavi, Parthiv Gohil, Govind Thakor were also awarded with the award. The award for Best Director went to Abhishek Jain, Pratik Gandhi for Best Actor and Priyal Oberoi for Best Actress. The award was presented by Youth and Cultural Affairs Minister Ishwar Singh Patel. Actors associated with the Gujarati film industry, including Information and Broadcasting Secretary Ashwini Kumar, Entertainment Tax Commissioner Dhiraj Kakadia were present on the occasion.

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