Thai Jashe - Watch Superhit Gujarati Movie

Thai Jashe - Superhit New Gujarati Film 2018 - Malhar Thakar - Manoj Joshi - Monal Gajjar
With land prices skyrocketing in the big cities, buying a home of your own has become a nightmare for every middle class man. The film easily captures the heartbreaking struggle of young Pranav Joshi to buy a house in Ahmedabad. Pranab (Malhar Thacker) comes to Ahmedabad with his family after his father's factory in Jetpur was closed due to economic crisis. Disagreeing with the landlord, Pranav decides to buy his own house in the city. 

 Pranav and his fiance Kajal (Monal Gajjar) choose a house. But at the last moment the landlord goes back. Again Pranav starts looking for a house that fits his short budget. More loans can be obtained as a joint applicant - so Pranav and Kajal decide to get married. The bank rejects Pranav's loan at the last minute as he works in a private firm. What will happen to Pranav now?

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