Wrong Side Raju - Watch Popular Gujarati Movie

Raju Bambani, an innocent driver, is framed for an accident his influential boss's son commits. As he sets out to prove his innocence, he faces numerous challenges in his quest for justice.

This is a national award winning movie. Not to miss .. mikhil musale and team has done awesome job .awesome crime thriller with awesome twist. ... Abhishek Jain and mikhil musale have changed thinking of gujarati film industry with movies like "Be yar" , "wrong ...

Awesome Gujarati Movie Best gujarati thriller Movie.. Gujju Movie is Changing Nowdays.Its good that we are getting new movies with different storyline. We should appreciate new things rather than cribbing for the old things.

People are wondering which urban Gujarati film will be the one in which a person like Anurag Kashyap is investing his money. So let me tell you. The trailer of Abhishek Jain, Anurag Kashyap and Pratik Gandhi-produced film 'Wrong Side Raju' Urban Gujarati has been launched. Will seem to be able to. Also, for the first time, a foreigner will be seen as a heroine in this film. It remains to be seen how much the film will impress people.

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