Oxygen (2018) Gujarati Superhit Movie

Shakespeare Joshi believes in love's power and empathizes with his fellow people. Natasha Mehta falls in love with him because of his nice character and helping attitude.

If you enjoy films with a lot of glycerin-laced scenes, you'll appreciate Oxygen. Oxygen is a two-hour-and-forty-minute odyssey of dramatic episodes that manages to touch your heart by the conclusion. Although the picture has an impact, it also falls into the trap of taking too long to bring the plot to a conclusion, which is a problem that many films have faced. A shorter and a crisper version of the film would have been so much better. Parth Bharat Thakkar's song Nokho Anokho is a catchy tune that will linger in your head for a long time. Nanavati, a reimagined Gujarati wedding song, is also a well-crafted rendition. The scenes are further brought to life by the use of background music.

Throughout the video, the value of connections in our lives is underlined. With a tear-jerking effect, it does this. The conversation is well-written, and you'll remember a few of the lines for their profundity. While in a film of this length, emotions can grow tiresome, Oxygen manages to keep them new throughout.

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 જો તમે ઘણાં ગ્લિસરિન-લેસ્ડ દ્રશ્યોવાળી ફિલ્મોનો આનંદ માણો છો, તો તમે ઓક્સિજનની પ્રશંસા કરશો. ઓક્સિજન એ નાટકીય એપિસોડની બે કલાક અને ચાલીસ મિનિટની ઓડિસી છે જે નિષ્કર્ષ દ્વારા તમારા હૃદયને સ્પર્શ કરે છે. જો કે ચિત્રની અસર છે, તે પ્લોટને નિષ્કર્ષ પર લાવવા માટે ખૂબ લાંબો સમય લેવાની જાળમાં પડે છે, જે ઘણી ફિલ્મોનો સામનો કરતી સમસ્યા છે. ફિલ્મનું ટૂંકું અને ક્રિસ્પર વર્ઝન વધુ સારું હોત. પાર્થ ભરત ઠક્કરનું ગીત નોખો અનોખો એક આકર્ષક ધૂન છે જે તમારા માથામાં લાંબા સમય સુધી રહેશે. નાણાવટી, એક ફરીથી કલ્પના કરેલ ગુજરાતી લગ્ન ગીત, પણ એક સારી રીતે રચાયેલ રજૂઆત છે. પૃષ્ઠભૂમિ સંગીતના ઉપયોગ દ્વારા દ્રશ્યોને વધુ જીવંત કરવામાં આવે છે. 

The music is also appropriate for the story and events. Nokho Anokho by Parth Bharat Thakkar is a memorable song that will stick with you for a long time. Also well-composed is the reworked version of the classic Gujarati wedding song Nanavati. Background music is also used to assist bring the scenes to life.

Chinmaay Purohiit directed the Gujarati film Oxygen. Wow, what a movie, based on Shakespeare, that had me in tears from beginning to end. Tears of gladness, tears of despair, and tears of joy. The script and direction were excellent, and the performance was superb.

Touched our hearts, so many messages in one one film; in today's society, everyone has grown selfish, and true relationships and emotions have no place. And the concepts were that you could buy feelings omg I don't know how to explain it better watch the movie if you understand the language. I wish I could purchase some or donate them to those in need; the film is upsetting, but it will teach you a lot. From the beginning to the conclusion, there are numerous messages that society must comprehend and embrace. All of the actors, as well as the director and the rest of the crew, deserve a round of applause.

Overall, Oxygen is a well-made film that makes effective use of human emotions to connect with the audience. It's worth a once-over.

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