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After a few years of marriage, many people lose their sweetness. As a result, many people have never experienced the beauty of marriage. Other aspects of life are becoming dry and uninteresting as a result of such marriages. These people require a good confectioner who can assist them and make their marriage more enjoyable. This is something that the syrup has done before us.

Ramanik Bhai's life, which he has been married to for 25 years, is going well. However, he still has one flaw: he has never experienced true love in his life. On the other side, Rahul, 25, recently lost his love.

In order to discover the actual meaning of love, Rahul and Ramanik collaborate. The director has attempted to blend a serious and mysterious subject like love well into this light-hearted film. The cinematography of Tapan Vyas has added four moons to it. Surat's gorgeous locations are captured on camera in the film, providing a fresh experience for Gujarati cinema fans.

ઘણા લોકોના લગ્નજીવનમાં અમુક વર્ષો પછી ગળપણ ઓછું થઇ જતું હોય છે. તો ઘણા એવા વ્યક્તિઓ પણ છે કે જેમણે લગ્નજીવનની મીઠાશ ક્યારેય ચાખી પણ નથી. આવા લોકોનું લગ્નજીવન સાથે જીવનના અન્ય હિસ્સાઓ પણ શુષ્ક અને મોળા પડી જતા છે. આ વ્યક્તિઓને જરૂર હોય છે કે સારા કંદોઈની જે તેમનો માર્ગદર્શક બની અને તેમના લગ્નજીવનમાં મીઠાશ ભરી દે. ચાસણી ફિલ્મ માં આ જ વાતને વણી લેવામાં આવી છે.
આ રીતે ફિલ્મ રમૂજ પણ છે જે દર્શકોને એન્ટરટેઈન પણ કરશે. રાહુલ કે જે એક યુવાન છે તે શ્રેયા નામની છોકરીના પ્રેમમાં પડે છે અને તેઓ આ સંબંધને લગ્ન જીવનમાં તબદીલ કરવા ઉત્સુક છે. પરંતુ ભાગ્ય બંને ને છુટા પાડે છે અને રાહુલ શ્રેયાને પ્રેમ ખાતર લડવા બદલ ખુબ સમજાવે છે.
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On August 12, "Chasni," one of the best Gujarati films, will be released on the ott platform of world digital premiere Shemarumi, and audiences are anxious to view it. With a novel story and superb directing, the picture was made for the public and in the field of Gujarati film. Abhinna Sharma and Manthan Purohit are the well-known directors of "Chasani," while Munna Shukul, Shikha Sharma, and Jayesh Patel are the well-known producers. Virendra Vashisht and Abhinna-Manthan are responsible for the story and script.

Ramanikalal had a nice family, a dedicated wife, loving daughters, and a kind mother, according to the film's plot. However, a young man who believes that love is something that can't be expressed shatters this belief. This is how the film's tale begins, and Rahul's remarks convince Ramanikbhai that describing love is vital. They simply go through the motions of a married life that is devoid of love and life. He enlists Rahul's assistance in keeping his marriage together. Rahul then enlists the assistance of his friend, Ramanikalal, who also has come up with amusing anecdotes to aid him and his wife improve their marital life.

In this way, the film is also amusing, which will keep the audience entertained. Rahul, a young man, falls in love with Shreya and the two are keen to turn their romance into a marriage. But fate separates them, and Rahul tries to urge Shreya to fight for love.

Ramanikalal, on the other hand, enlists Rahul's assistance in order to enjoy their married life to the fullest, while Shreya assists him in finding love, much as Rahul assisted Ramnikalal. So, when will Rahul and Shreya's love story end? That, too, will only be realized after seeing the film. As a result, the picture has numerous ups and downs, and the tale, like the syrup, is delicious to the audience.

Now the viewers are also tired of seeing Ahmedabad in every film. The film also has some very well written dialogues which stick in your mind even after the completion of the film. Manthan Joshi's ball and Prashant Satose's tune blend like sugar in milk in the film. Mojilo is fun to watch in Gujarati and Gujarati break up song movie. 


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