Scam 1992 : Story of Harshad Mehta | Amazing web series

National award winning filmmaker Hansal Mehta has given a superb webseries --- Scam 1992 - The Harshad Mehta Story. Prateek wins the heart of Gandhi's tremendous acting and attitude. Different avatars in every film ... Mehta's acting in this webseries which looks dhunki which takes the symbol to a tremendous height..this gujju boy has come to the notice of everyone boss !! Don't be surprised if the best director of Bollywood tries to take our best Gujju actor now !! In this webseries * Risk Hai To Ishq Hai !!

The dialogue is full .. How effective is the word risk in our lives ... A little risk and a discussion of love.

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As soon as you hear the word risk, a feeling of fear spreads in your mind ... don't take the risk !! The danger in life is step by step, friends. You have to take risks to reach certain goals in life. On the cricket field, a player will be happy to score one or two runs and play in the safety zone and if he does not pick up the bat in the tea of ​​six, how will a six look? Lena will have to take the risk for six boss! In the field of life, coming out of the safe zone beyond the four walls of the house, one has to take a risk to achieve one's goal. If you want to have fun at a speed of 100 on the highway, you have to take a risk! 

This web series released on Friday on Sony Live, viewers are very much liked. There are nine episodes of 50 minutes in this web series. This story is about exposing a bank fraud of 500 million rupees, which was created by just one man alone. The web series has shown how a scam makes the Prime Minister of the country also under suspicion. The film is based on the book The Scam by Debashish Basu and Sucheta Dalal. Which its director Hansal Mehta has introduced in a very new way by explaining the working of the stock market with ease. At the same time, Actor Prateik Gandhi, who played Harshad Mehta in the web series, has also caught his character well and played it in a powerful way. Economic journalism has been talked about in many aspects in this film. This story may be of a person living in a Gujrati family living in Mumbai, but connects with every person in the country who knows or is trying to know the language of the stock. The story of Harshad is as exciting as it looks. Is much harder than that.

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