Affraa Taffri - Gujarati Movie (2020)

This is the story of a village named Vishrampur. The village leader Trikamdas is lying on his death bed and wants to fulfill his last wish which is seeing his granddaughter being married. However, the girl has no intention of getting married anytime soon. This twists the film into a complete entertainment package full of situational, slapstick, farce and dark humor. 

Gujarat’s first horror-comedy film ‘Affraa Taffri’ has hit the theaters. This film is a very different film from other Gujarati films. Both comedy and horror tones are found in this film. This multi starer film’s first half will give you the comedy feel & the second half is full of horror. The story of the film is about a village’s family. The grandfather of that family is dying and wants to see the marriage of his granddaughter Sonal (Khushi Shah). Family and village people are ready to fulfill this wish. Then some situation occurs in the story and creates ‘Affraa Taffri’.


The story may seem a little boring and chaotic. But the comedy and fun screenplay of the film will keep you with the film. The true hero of the film is Smit Pandya. Smita Pandya has been fascinated with terrific acting and comedy throughout the film. Chetan Daiya and Ragi Jani will have fun in the preseason film. Mitra Gadhvi seems to have got less work.

The first horror-comedy was seen in the Gujarati movie theater of Zoner. In short, there is no reason why the film should not be seen

Starring: Mitra Gadhvi, Smit Pandya, Khushi Shah, Chetan Daiya, Shekhar Shukla, Ragi Jani 

Directed By: Viral Rao 

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