Gujarat 11 - First Gujarati Sports Movie


ગુજરાત ઈલેવન 11 - પ્રથમ ગુજરાતી સ્પોર્ટ્સ મૂવી.

 Gujarat 11 Movie Review: Daisy Shah’s sports drama gives a feeling of déjà vu all the way

Story: An ex-football champion takes up the unusual challenge of training juvenile home boys for a state-level football tournament, while coming face-to-face with scars from her past.

 ડેઝી શાહનું સ્પોર્ટ્સ ડ્રામા બધી રીતે ડેજવુની લાગણી પ્રદાન કરે છે, જેની વાર્તામાં એક ભૂતપૂર્વ ફૂટબોલ ચેમ્પિયન જ્યારે રાજ્ય કક્ષાની ફૂટબોલ ટૂર્નામેન્ટ માટે કિશોર ઘરના છોકરાઓને તાલીમ આપવાનું અસામાન્ય પડકાર લે છે, ત્યારે તેના ભૂતકાળના દાગ સાથે સામ-સામે આવે છે. અને જે કશ્મકશ સર્જાય છે તે આ મુવીમાં આબેહુબ ઝડપી લેવાયુ છે

સબ-ઇન્સ્પેક્ટર દિવ્ય ચૌહાણ (ડેઝી શાહ) એક પ્રામાણિક અને નિર્ભય કોપ છે જેણે હજી પણ તેના વિભાગની જટિલતાઓને ‘આકૃતિ’ નથી કરી. જો કે, જ્યારે તેણી એક હાઇ પ્રોફાઇલ ડ્રગ કેસમાં ગુનેગારને પકડે છે, જે પ્રભાવશાળી રાજકારણીનો ભત્રીજો પણ બને છે, ત્યારે તેણીને કિશોર આરોપીઓના ઘરે સ્થાનાંતરિત કરવામાં આવી છે. દિવ્યાએ છોકરાઓને રાજ્યની કક્ષાની ફૂટબોલ ચેમ્પિયનશીપની તાલીમ આપીને જીવનની નવી લીઝ આપીને મદદ કરવાનું નક્કી કર્યું છે.


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The first Gujarati sports film 'Gujarat 11' will be seen. Along with Daisy Shah, Prateek Gandhi, Kevin Dave and Chetan Daiya will be seen in the main role in this film. The film is directed by Hindi film 'Chok and Duster' as well as Gujarati film 'Natsamrat' directed by Jayant Gilatar, while Yash Shah, Haresh Patel, MS Jolly and Jayant Gilatar are the producers. The music of the film is composed by famous Bollywood singer Roopakkumar Rathore. This Gujarati film will be very much liked by the youth.

Drawing inspiration from the 2007 hockey film Chak De! India and blending it with the 2014 female cop action-thriller Mardaani, Gujarat 11 is the first sports film in the Gujarati language. It is not about hockey, but football, and the team that is cobbled together by the cop turned coach is definitely not the Gujarat 11. Rather, it is a team consisting of boys under 18, picked from juvenile delinquent homes, to make a winning team. The film, however, fails to win you over, despite shifting the goal-post many times.

A sub-inspector called Divya is dancing wildly to the dandiya (Gujarati folk tradition gone mod) beats of a live orchestra when someone whispers something in her ear. Cut to a drug deal being made, which is intercepted by Divya, and a long chase and fight follow. At the end, the dealer is apprehended and locked-up. This brings the boy’s father to the office of the Police Commissioner. Turns out that he is an influential politician and threatens Divya with dire consequences unless his son is released immediately. The Commissioner seems helpless. Divya refuses to bend, and gives the politician a lesson in law and cleanliness.

 Before Gujarat 11, director Jayant Gilatar directed well-known movies like Chalk n Duster (2016) starring Juhi Chawla and Shabana Azmi and Natsamrat (2018) starring Siddharth Randeria which garnered rave reviews.Be it the game sequences or dance sequences, Daisy has given this role her 100% and it is evident. Debuting with a sports drama, with the film riding entirely on her shoulders, must have been a daunting task. But her earnest performance and the whole nail-biting climax certainly make it a decent one-time watch. The movie is currently being streamed on Amazon Prime.

A first in Gujarati notwithstanding, the Gujarat 11formation is only mildly, occasionally entertaining, winning its game against Maharashtra against all odds, but losing the star wars


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