Tikkhi Mitthi Life - Gujarati We Series

 Tikkhi Mitthi Life is a Gujarati We Series released on 12 Feb, 2021. The movie is directed by Vaibhav Kerlekar and featured Muni Jha, Bhaumik Sampat and Jinal Belani as lead characters. The web-series will be a complete entertainer which will beam on an OTT platform.

When two people have common enemy to fight with, they will eventually create a strong bond. Applying this principle in real life, Hansaben, on her death-bed writes a letter to his Husband Purushottam Parikh and Son Amey Parikh; who just don't get along with each other. As her last wish, she gives them few tasks to complete. Like staying at their Ancestral home in a Pol at Ahmedabad for 14 Days, in a certain budget that too without any help from outside. And ofcourse, few more. See what happens to this Father-Son duo, while achieving these quirky yet logical tasks, in this Slice-of-Life series.

Talking about her Co-Producer and co-actor Bhaumik Sampat, Jhinal has this to say, “He is lovely. He is spontaneous, energetic and an extremely natural performer. He has been a friend from long but this is the first time that we worked together, and yes, it was amazing.”

If you are not able to watch, please get it from our Telegram channel Golkeri Movies: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFCIWUPuBPN4Kb26dw

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On her experience as Producer and Writer, Jhinal explains, “It was great. It started as a story that I wanted to tell the world, but in the process I learnt so much. I fell I grew as an artist and also as a person. Handling three things at once was exciting and tiring at the same time.”

The cast of Tikkhi Mitthi Life has Bhaumik Sampat, Muni Jha, Jhinal Belani, Ragi Jani, Vaishakh Ratnaben, Jignesh Modi, Dipak Shekhar. Film is produced by Jhinal Belani and Bhaumik Sampat, directed by Vaibhav Kerlekar, story, screenplay and dialogue written by Jhinal Belani.

 Actor Bhaumik Sampat has made his debut in the digital world with the Gujarati web series, Tikkhi Mitthi Life.

“I am coming back on the screen after six years. The reason why I was away from work is during the shoot of my last film, I had a severe back injury. I had to take a two-year long break. I finished a few projects afterwards and those, too, shall release soon,” said Bhaumik, whose Bollywood stint has included films like Sadda Adda and Samrat & Co. 

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