Jalsa Karo Jayantilal - Comedy movie

This evergreen term can refer to both bright people's foolish behavior and idiots' intelligence. Love has the ability to turn a desert into a lush green field. Even atop a volcano, it can produce flowers. This could be the reason why it is stated that love never dies. Romeo and Juliet, as well as Sohani and Mahiwal, are still alive and well. They're still head over heels in love. Although the manner and form of love have evolved, the intensity of love has not. Jalsa Karo Jayantilal is an unusual love story about an ordinary man.

Jayantilal is a real estate broker. Obviously, with his sweet tongue, he can easily win someone over with his words. His primary goal in life is to make as much money as possible. He can fool anyone to make money. Emotions, love, relationships, and sentiments are not words in his vocabulary. He, on the other hand, cherishes his grandmother, who raised him.

Grandma wants Jayantilal to marry and start a family, but he wants to make a lot of money first. Everything was well until Jayantilal saw Preeti and fell head over heels for her. The only hitch is that Preeti is in love with Bakul, a rowdy. Confusion reigns supreme until the story reaches its climax at the end. Watch this entertaining play to find out what happens.

Confusion reigns supreme till the very end. as the story reaches its climax All three characters arrive at the wedding venue. And what takes place at the wedding hall is... No, it can't be told; you have to see it to believe it.

Cast: Dilip Joshi, Manish Mehta, Dimple Shah, Omesh Shulka and Directed By Vipul Mehta

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He comes across an advertisement in the newspaper for a cottage that is for sale. As an estate agent, he pays a visit to Preeti, who lives alone in the bungalow. Preeti's father has passed away. Her maternal uncle and aunt raised her in Baroda. Preeti wants to sell this massive bunglow after her father passes away. She meets Jayantilal in this manner. Preeti is simple and naive, whereas our hero is clever and crafty. After seeing the bunglow's papers, Jayantilal concluded that he could easily make a fool of this girl because she has no idea that she owns a nearby property that is unlawfully occupied by a local thug named Bakulbhai.

Apart from making money, Jayantilal has another passion. He is a Hindi movie aficionado. He'd go to the first day's first show, but he'd be in the lower stall. For him, cinema is a five-course feast that includes all of life's flavors, such as feelings, emotions, relationships, dreams, ambition, and so on. Until Jayantilal met Preeti, everything was good.

Jayantilal drafts a power of attorney and requests Preeti's signature, as he intends to take a large portion of the deal. He, on the other hand, does not do it. Preeti, he realizes, follows a simple philosophy: It's better to be deceived than to cheat. She gives the keys to the bungalow to a friend and travels to Baroda for a few days. Jayantilal receives a life-changing shock. 

He rips the documents he had prepared. Preeti's basic attitude, in reality, transforms this cunning man into a kind and caring individual. He eventually develops feelings for this girl, who sees him as a friend, philosopher, and counselor. Jayantilal now has a significant mission in his life. To free Preeti's estate from Bakul's clutches.

Bakul is nothing more than a thug who demands money from the public for security. He is, nonetheless, well-educated. His only motivation for being a thug was that he was unemployed. Jayantilal serves Bakul with a legal notice to evacuate Preeti's home, which he has been occupying illegally. When Bakul learns of this, he savagely assaults Jayantilal. Preeti can't just stand by and watch her buddy and guide get beaten. Bakul gets a hard slap from her and she lectures him about his so-called education.

Bakul's life is changed by one single slap. He apologizes to Jayantilal and Preeti and makes a sincere effort to become a better man. When Preeti's uncle and aunt come to visit her to chastise her, Bakul takes command of the situation and saves Preeti from her overbearing aunt. The plot takes a drastic turn at this moment.

Preeti has a crush on Bakul. And so the triangle is born. Jayantilal adores Preeti, and Preeti adores Bakul. Jayantilal is confident that Preeti would marry him. He is getting ready for the wedding. Bakul and Preeti are getting married on the same day, by the way.

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