Bell Bottom Movie - Akshay Kumar as a Spy

 The narrative of a RAW agent, who we can also call an unsung hero, whose courage, intellect, and fortitude not only save the passengers of a hijacked airline but also hijack the jet, is based on actual events. Terrorists who do this are also apprehended. The film is set in the 1980s, when Indira Gandhi was the country's prime minister (played by Lara Nai). This was the time when the country had been the victim of a series of hijackings. During the talks, the nation must pay a huge sum of crores of rupees to the terrorists in exchange of the lives of the passengers, but at the same time, the dreaded terrorists who are imprisoned in Indian jails must be freed on a regular basis.  In one such hijacking, when multitasking Anshul Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) loses his mother (Dolly Ahluwalia), her same pain drives him to become a RAW agent. However, Anshul, who salvaged his happy life by marrying Radhika (Vaani Kapoor), never imagined that he would be assigned to the country's security under the code name 'Bell Bottom' at RAW, and that the involvement of Pakistan's Intelligence Bureau IAS in these hijackings would be exposed.


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The nicest part about 'Bell Bottom' appears to be that it avoids the loud nationalistic cinema of Akshay Kumar. The picture has an evident nationalistic tone to it. However, it does not appear to be forced on the audience. This appears to be satisfactory. There has been no attempt to punch every line. It is spoken in a casual manner. So things improve. In the final sequence, the film's photography appears to be fresh. Despite the fact that the event is entirely fictitious, it is visually appealing. Surprisingly, the songs of Bell Bottom also reflect the characters' backgrounds. That is unique in that no music from the movie is recalled.

The second half of the movie contains a lot of twists and turns that keep the viewer interested. The director has succeeded in bringing the 1980s to life on screen. The front rowers are whistling and praising Aseem Arora and Parvez Shaikh's witty banter. After the intermission, the film's editing reveals its tightness. The film's plus point is the background soundtrack and casting. Apart from the song "Sakhiyaan," which was composed by Tanishk Bagchi, Amaan Malik, and Gurmazar Singh, no other song from the film is remembered. It would have been the frosting on the cake if the musical aspect of such an action-thriller had been strong.

Despite the risk of being carried away, the 'bell bottom' moves in a highly controlled manner. Doesn't go overboard. There's always the risk that a typical film may try to embellish its plot or incidents. In all of these situations, a bell bottom will suffice.

Why should you see it? After the lengthy tragedy of the Corona era, this film, which is steeped in the performance and patriotism of all of the performers, including Akshay Kumar, is a must-see.

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