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Ventilator is a Family Drama movie. A family patriarch, Girija Prasad Mandalia, is put on a ventilator, and all his relatives are gathered at the hospital. But, is it all due to respect and love for him? Or some of them have their personal agendas? While Prashant, Girija Prasad's son, contemplates on his estranged relationship with his father, Jaggu, his cousin, has demons of his own. Ventilator is the story of a dysfunctional Gujarati family who is searching new meanings of their bond, respect and love for each other. This film is the acting debut of Jackie Shroff and directional debut of Umang Vyas in Gujarati cinema. Rajesh Mapuskar, writer and director of Marathi film version is a creative director and has a cameo in it. The script was adapted by Niren Bhatt and Karan Vyas co-wrote the story. Pratik Gandhi also joined the cast for a pivotal role.

There has been a long-standing complaint that even the audience does not show love for Gujarati films. Siddharthbhai also had to knock for Natsamrat. Well, there are a lot of people who dare to make a film without Urban's Choga. Nowadays, Gujarati films are making a new habit of sitting on a favorite seat in the theater and watching a movie as if a show has been arranged for us. 

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ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મો પ્રત્યેનો પણ એના પ્રેક્ષકોનો પ્રેમ દેખાતો નથી એવી ફરિયાદ લાંબા સમયથી રહી છે. નટસમ્રાટ માટે સિદ્ધાર્થભાઈએ પણ ટકોર કરવી પડી હતી. ખેર.. લોકો અર્બનના છોગા વગર ફિલ્મ બનાવવાની હિંમત કરે એય ઘણું છે.  આજકાલ ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મો નવી આદત પાડી રહી છે, થિએટરમાં મનગમતી સીટ પર બેસીને જાણે આપણા જ માટે શો ગોઠવાયો હોય એમ ફિલ્મ જોવાની આદત. 

Although Jackie Shroff's Gujarati is his mother tongue, it seems a bit effortless but his presence gives the film a different stardom, his acting is simple but nice. We are not only fans of Mehulbhai Butch, but also Alpanaben in this film. Mehulbhai's performance with Jackie Shroff has been sharpened due to the beautiful dialogues. Suchita Trivedi also has a similarly beautiful performance, the impression of her capable acting which is bound by the planting of dreams, she still keeps tight. And Prateek Gandhi, it is said that the weight of the film can be pulled alone. Apart from the performances of these four, Sanjay Goradia also sounds a bit loud, Utkarshabhai's performance is also great. While watching the ventilator, it happened that there is a crowd of people, if it were not for all these people and a few people were given more screen time, it seemed that the flashes of acting would have been seen even more. I think it would have been fun to see if Rehan had been brought in earlier and given more punches than just to set the climax background. Gijukaka is on the ventilator in the hospital and everyone is coming to the hospital to see him. So everyone seems selfish, even his son i.e. Prateek Gandhi should leave him and go for his work. He has no money so he is also in favor of removing the ventilator. We also have many complaints from our father. But then the story as well as the short journey of emotion and relationship all weighs down, and it takes a finger to the very end. Some characters just don't have a big role to play.

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Whether it is a city or a village, the same situation of social system and relations everywhere, the same issue also makes the film spectacular for all types of urban and rural. After the interval the film becomes interesting and nicely knitted, as if all of a sudden the thing matures and gets caught. When it comes to important characters, we get immersed in it. A lot of the dialogues are heartbreaking and heartbreaking, but they don't seem to be exaggerated anywhere because it's all around us. The scene with Prateekbhai and Utkarshabhai after the interval and finally the scene of Prateekbhai crying with Suchita Trivedi .. If you see a hero crying in a way that can be convincing, it is Prateekbhai .. Aflatoon and strong acting is his Well, we have such a strong actor. And what is remarkable as a bonus is the scene between Archanbhai Trivedi and Jackie Shroff, the whole presentation about our forgotten tradition Bhavai. I would like to salute the creative team of the film for honoring Bhavai so well.

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